Will Haptics Force Feedback Augmented by 5G Network Make Telesurgery a Reality?

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#1: What Initiated the Evolution of Surgical Robots?

The contemporary rising adoption of robotic technologies in the field of medical surgeries resulted due to a growing interest of two renowned organizations, namely National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and American Military, at the beginning of the 20th century. The two organizations made substantial investments in several private research organizations aimed at exploring the competencies of robotic technologies in making the remote surgical operations a reality. The primary reason behind the interest of the America Military is the abundant potential of telesurgery in reducing the wartime causalities, whereas NASA was more interested in assessing the feasibility of the idea of remote surgeries in the space frontier.

#2: What are the Pivotal Technological Hurdles for Telesurgery?

The predominant factors which are hampering the adoption of telesurgery are the following:

· Lack of comprehensive training programs enabling surgical case-specific competencies to the utmost accuracy

· Lack of supreme network empowering the real-time transmission of visual input from the remote location

· Lack of robotic manipulators or simulator technologies with advanced haptic force feedback

#3: What’s the Solution?

The recent technological disruptions in electronics industry have successfully made 5G network a feasible reality. Development of simulation technologies enabling case-specific competencies with haptics force feedback, can surely make telesurgery a ubiquitous practice in the near future.

To know more about how healthcare industry is overcoming the challenges associated with training programs and simulator technologies, please visit our webinar on ‘Robotics Simulators: An Emerging Frontier in the Era of Healthcare Robotics’, on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 1.30 PM PDT — 2.00 PM PDT, with guest speaker Mr. Jeffrey Berkley, CEO, Chairman, and Founder Mimic Technologies, Inc.

Key Takeaways of Webinar

· To understand the statistics associated with surgical errors

· To disintegrate the causes of surgical errors and identify the areas to be focused

· To learn the benefits associated with clinical incorporation of robotics simulators

To identify the required technological advancements to bolster commercial success of robotics simulators

Attendees’ Take Home

· Live Q&A with Guest Speaker

· Free Whitepaper titled “Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation Systems: Solution to Growing Surgical Malpractices

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