Smart Irrigation Controllers: Advanced Technology to Cut Down on Water Wastage

The water crisis is becoming a big concern these days, challenging irrigation requirements globally. The adoption of smart irrigation controllers or smart irrigation systems can be the most effective solution to this problem.

The conventional irrigation system is responsible for approximately 50% of daily water wastage mainly because of the inefficiencies in irrigation techniques or overwatering of the plants.

The reason smart irrigation controllers are being adopted at an increased rate is the possibility it offers for saving water.

Water smart irrigation controllers are one of the most advanced technologies working toward an advanced future and better efficient watering programs compared to traditional irrigation techniques.

What Makes the Farming Irrigation Controllers Smart?

Smart irrigation controllers are defined as controllers having features of scheduling the watering times as per the real-time condition of the farming land based on several data such as soil data and weather data.

These data are collected with the help of soil moisture sensors used with smart irrigation controllers placed on the farming land that detect soil or rain moisture to avoid unnecessary watering.

Moreover, smart clock-timers are also connected with the irrigation controller system that controls the timing and makes the irrigation system function as a smart irrigation controller.

Here is an example to understand smart irrigation controllers better

The smart irrigation system automatically works for less time when less water is required, depending on the weather.

The weather-based irrigation controllers (WBICs) automatically keep adjusting the watering schedule as per the weather condition and the data being received by the weather-based sensors. Due to such advanced features, the number of water wastages automatically gets reduced compared to the conventional irrigation system.

Moreover, the global smart irrigation controllers’ market is also growing due to factors such as the increasing adoption rate of smart agriculture techniques and several government initiatives for sustainable irrigation practices.

According to the BIS Research report, the global smart irrigation controllers market is expected to touch $1,280.81 million by 2027 from a market value of $588.47 million in 2021, with a growth rate of 13.98% during the forecast period of 2022–2027.

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Why Is There an Increased Adoption of Smart Irrigation Controllers?

Today people are much busier in their daily lives and technology such as smart irrigation controllers are one of the most effective ways of automating human tasks that are complicated and confusing.

Instead of adjusting the irrigation practices on a daily or weekly basis, smart irrigation controllers can be a better option. The conventional irrigation system not only results in waste of water but also increases the water bills.

Smart irrigation controllers have information such as weather information like temperature, rainfall changes, and evaporation via the agricultural sensors. These smart controllers can help to reduce 20–30% of the daily water wastage with the help of information collected and can also help to reduce the daily water bills.

It is often easy to notice the negative effects of the under-watering of plants, but quite challenging to understand the negative effects of overwatering. Due to unnecessary watering, the roots of plants get weak, and the nutrients start getting reduced.


Smart irrigation controllers are one of the best developments that can help farmers in multiple manners to control the unnecessary watering of plants.

Moreover, smart irrigation controllers have numerous additional features such as email alert options for leaks, zone shutdown, and flow monitoring.

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