Radiofrequency-Based Aesthetic Devices Promoting Non-Invasive Appearance Enhancement

The desire to appear aesthetically appealing has always been there among the masses. With the help of aesthetic surgery appearance of different parts of the body can be enhanced, including neck, head, and body. Aesthetic surgery can enhance individual parts of the body.

In the past decades, the demand for aesthetic surgery has increased tremendously. This increase in demand further propelled the need for technological advancements and techniques that are both cost-effective and high in precision so that provide maximum benefit to the patients.

Almost all type of medical devices has electromagnetic current in them, signifying the use of radiofrequency energy. The use of radiofrequency in the medical field is nothing new. However, the use of radiofrequency energy for contracting collagen for fat reduction and other aesthetic surgery purposes is relatively new.

With the boom in non-invasive surgical procedures, the demand for non-invasive aesthetics surgery with the help of radio frequency-based devices (RF devices) has increased further. These RF devices can both portable and non-portable in nature thus increasing the reach across various parts of the body.

According to the upcoming market intelligence by BIS Research the Radiofrequency-Based Aesthetic Devices Market is expected to grow significantly. The growth is attributed to factors such as growing demand for minimally invasive procedures and treatment, more health and cost benefits offered as compared to alternative aesthetic treatments, and most importantly the increasing intensity of competition in the market.

Technology used in there radio-frequency based devices plays a major role in enhancing their usability and functionality. The technologies that are specifically used for these devices include monopolar RF, bipolar RF, multipolar RF, fractional RF, and others.

The increasing number of technologically advanced aesthetic devices of various categories such as radiofrequency generators/systems, electrodes (single use, reusable), applicators (handpieces), and others are adding to the growing demand in the market. These radiofrequency-based aesthetic devices can be used for applications such as skin tightening, body shaping, fat reduction, and several other applications as well.

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