Polyethylene Furanoate Market Research Report, 2018–2025

PEF finds its most suitable application in the making of water bottle. At present, the bottles are largely produced by PET. PEF has similar chemical properties to that of PET with better mechanical and barrier properties. Thus, having the potential to replace PET. The favorable properties of PEF for water bottles are better tensile strength, lower melting point, light weight, and recyclability, among others.

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Owing to the high-pressure resistance of property of PEF bottles, they are travel friendly. The bottles don’t get damaged easily thereby being long lasting for use. PEF’s melting point varies between XX °C and XX °C which is lower than PET (XX°C) giving the bottles more rigidity and longevity. The thermal stability of PEF is also higher than PET. Thus, with the help of PEF, improved plastic bottles could be obtained along with lesser carbon footprint. Various companies are engaged in the either the production or in the research and development of bottle manufacturing from PEF such as Danone (France), ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG (Austria).

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The Europe region occupied the highest market in terms of value while Asia-Pacific occupied the highest share in terms of volume in 2017. The Asia-Pacific market is also expected to show the fastest growth during the forecast period. The large concentration of the demand for PET product manufacturers in the region drives the market for PEF in the region.

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