North America Leading the Smart Irrigation Controllers Market

As per the UN report of 2016, the global population is expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050, which shall further lead to increased demand for food, which would require the current food production to double by 2050. Smart agriculture solutions such as smart irrigation can help in achieving this demand by optimizing agricultural practices, minimizing waste, conserving water, and providing timely agricultural advisory.

The approach of using smart technology to ensure optimum application of water to achieve high crop yields and reduce operational costs is called smart irrigation. Smart irrigation controllers make for a new generation of irrigation controllers which use the weather conditions, soil moisture levels, current and historic evapotranspiration, and other factors to meet the water demand with regard to plants.

Also, smart irrigation controllers find prominent application in the residential and commercial sectors, since they reduce the outdoor water usage by monitoring and controlling the information about the site and then applying the required amount of water.

BIS Research’s recent study titled “Global Smart Irrigation Controllers Market- Analysis and Forecast, 2019–2024projects the particular market to reach $480.19 million by 2024. The report is an insightful compilation of 179 pages, including 91 figures and 38 market data tables.

Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Controllers to Witness Growth in the Smart Irrigation Controllers Industry

Due to climate change, there is currently a high demand for weather-based irrigation controllers. With the use of weather-based controllers, outdoor water usage has been reduced to a great extent. For instance, in the U.S., residential areas with weather-based controllers have witnessed an average increase of 20% water reduction as compared to the scheduled irrigation facility.

However, as compared to weather-based controllers, soil-based moisture controllers are expected to reduce irrigation without affecting the landscape quality.

Non-Agricultural End Users Actively Utilizing Smart Irrigation Controllers

Increasing importance of proper watering schedules and irrigation solutions in non-agricultural applications such as residential, turf and landscape, and golf courses, is a major reason for the growth of the non-agriculture industry. Non-agriculture industry registered the largest market share of 56.76% in 2019. However, the increasing trend of greenhouse cultivation is expected to support the growing usage of smart irrigation controllers in the end use industry.

North America- Major Frontrunner in Smart Irrigation Controllers Market

North America is presently at the forefront of the global smart irrigation controllers market, with the U.S. being one of the leading countries in the North America smart irrigation controllers market, constituting a share of 47.50% in 2018. However, the Asia-Pacific region is currently the fastest growing region in the smart irrigation controllers industry. Rapid changes in the climatic conditions, significant government support, increasing number of greenhouse cultivation and increasing need for saving water are the key factors supporting the growth of smart irrigation controllers in the region.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape for the smart irrigation controllers market demonstrates an inclination toward companies adopting strategies such as business expansion and contracts, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures and product launches. Valmont Industries, Lindsay Corporation, The Toro Company, Hunter Industries, Rain Bird Corporation, HydroPoint Data Systems, Netafim, Rachio Inc., Weathermatic, Green IQ, and Nelson Irrigation, among others, are some of the prominent players in the smart irrigation controllers market.

The growing demand for smart irrigation systems is further expected to increase the involvement of companies across different segments of the value chain. Product launches and development in smart irrigation controllers market presented the major moves made by a large number of companies. For instance, in March 2019, Rain Bird Corporation launched LG3HE In-ground sprinkler with click-n-go connect.

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