Next-Gen Aircraft Propulsion System Holds Potential to Reduce the Impact on Environment

The next-gen aircraft propulsion system includes all-electric propulsion, hybrid-electric propulsion, turboelectric propulsion, hydrogen propulsion, and solar propulsion. These propulsion systems are gaining more popularity due to their ability to emit less harmful particles into the air when compared to conventional propulsion systems.

Moreover, governments worldwide are implementing eco-friendly policies across several industries to reduce the overall pollution levels. For example, air transport is one of the significant contributors to air pollution. Hence adopting next-gen aircraft propulsion systems can significantly reduce the level of air pollution.

The global next-gen aircraft propulsion system market is categorized into all-electric, hybrid-electric, turboelectric, hydrogen propulsion, and solar propulsion. Among these propulsion types, hybrid-electric propulsion is expected to attain high investments in the future due to the high adoption rate in the commercial aviation industry.

As per the news published on June 3, 2021, Rolls Royce announced testing the first elements of its hybrid-electric propulsion system. The company spokesperson highlighted that this is going to be the most potent hybrid-electric aero power and propulsion system.

Also, BIS Research is coming up with a market intelligence report on Next-gen Aircraft Propulsion System Market. The report is expected to highlight the growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities driving the market.

As shared by the BIS Research, a glimpse of these drivers includes the potential of aircraft electric propulsion to reduce carbon emission, the next-gen propulsion systems can help reach a higher speed, and most importantly, these systems have the potential to reduce operational cost drastically.

Further, there is a lot of scope for the next-gen propulsion system. The next-gen propulsion system can be used for various applications, including military, commercial, and others.

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