Liquid Biopsy: A Non-Invasive Technique Detecting Cancer through Blood

A liquid biopsy refers to non-invasive procedures which allow healthcare experts to get information related to the tumor with the help of collected blood and cell samples.

Liquid Biopsy

However, currently, the global liquid biopsy market is growing massively. According to the BIS Research report, the global liquid biopsy market is supposed to grow from a market value of $2,508.2 million in 2021 to $19,066.0 million by 2032, at a growth rate of 19.38% during the forecasted period 2022–2032.

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Cancer tumors release several biomolecules in the blood, which can be diagnosed through a blood test.

Working of Liquid Biopsy
Liquid Biopsy Applications

Liquid biopsy is one such technique that can be used to treat different issues. It involves isolating and identifying the other tumor cells and exosomes and gathering several pieces of information about the patient’s cancers.

With advanced technologies, liquid biopsy is currently being used in broader applications, such as predicting, diagnosing, prognosing, and monitoring cancer treatments.



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