Growing Demand for Autonomous System in Defense Influencing Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market

Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The need for enhanced border security due to issues such as increasing land disputes, migration, and smuggling, has forced several countries to strengthen their security. This has led to the increase in the demand for advanced unmanned ground vehicles, which provide better situational awareness to the soldiers to have a competitive edge over the opponents. With recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, unmanned ground vehicles are becoming increasingly flexible in their applications and available at a reliable cost in manufacturing industries.

During the development and procurement of unmanned systems, certain parameters must be taken into account. Some of these parameters are as follows:

· Intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance: The unmanned ground vehicle is essential for modern defense and security operations. The unmanned ground vehicle for intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance mission needs to increase standardization and ability to better support at the time of critical situations.

· Identification of target: The ability to operate in harsh environments without putting warfighters at risk is not only safer but potentially more effective than the use of current manned systems.

· Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear: The manufacturers should develop an unmanned ground vehicle having the ability to find chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear areas on ground

Moreover, the increase in technological advancements in unmanned ground vehicles has led to a significant increase in their adoption rate resulting in the growth of the unmanned ground vehicle market. The main drivers that are expected to create a global demand for unmanned ground vehicles include rising expenditure and modernization of the defense industry, increasing capital investment for robotics technologies, growing demand for autonomous systems in defense and commercial industry, and increase in demand for accuracy.

According to the upcoming market intelligence report by BIS Research on the unmanned ground vehicle market, some of the technology trends that are expected to influence the growth of the market include autonomous navigation system, communication link, power sources, vision, architecture, soldier machine interface, manipulation advancements, and terrain mobility.

In addition, the upcoming market study highlights that these unmanned ground vehicles can be used for end users such as defense and security and commercial industry. The defense and security include areas such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance explosive ordinance disposal, transportation, combat support, firefighting, and others. Commercial industry include oil & gas, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN), physical security, and agriculture and domestic industry, among others.

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