Global Food Safety Testing Systems & Services Market Research Report, 2018–2022

Food safety testing market can be broadly segmented based on technology with the help of which the food safety testing systems & services are employed. Recent advances in pathogen testing technology, based on the biotechnological procedures, are altering the capacity of food producers to measure food safety. Advanced technologies applied in the food processing enable in assuring the quality and safety of the final product. Raw materials are sourced on a global scale, an ever-increasing number of processing technologies are used, and a wide array of products are available to the consumer.

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Over the recent decades, a wide number of enhanced traditional and alternative non-traditional (rapid) methods and techniques have been developed that appear appropriate for early detection and classification of microorganisms present in the food products. One of the most important factors while testing for food safety is the method that is being used. It is very important that the method used while testing for a particular contaminant or allergen is reliable and the test results are not affected by any external factors. In the food safety testing market, the methods for testing are broadly classified into two categories: traditional and rapid.

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Food, beverage and their raw material are currently being tested for a wide range of contaminants. A wide variety of techniques and instruments are used for testing at different stages of the food production process. The different technologies included in the study are polymerase chain reaction, molecular reaction, chromatography, inductively coupled plasma, culture media, and others.

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