FinFET Technology Market Report and Trends & Industry (2018–2023)

The semiconductor industry has grown extensively and is on transition from MOSFET to FinFET technology. The products incorporating FinFET technology find their use in day-to-day life. This chapter covers some of the major products such as Central Processing Unit (CPU), System-on-Chip, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Microcontroller Unit (MCU), and Network Processors, among others.

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The FinFET technology market by product is accounted to generate the maximum revenue from system on chip. The product accounted for $XX billion in 2018 and is projected to touch $XX billion by 2023. The demand for SoC can be attributed to the growing demand for devices requiring high speed and efficient processors such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Another product which is expected to generate a considerable revenue for FinFET technology market is CPU. The total revenue generated from CPU in 2018 is $XX billion which is expected to reach $XX billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of XX%. The high demand for CPU can be attributed to the increase in mobile computing platforms from companies such as Intel Corporation and Qualcomm Incorporated which provide fast and efficient processors to be used in CPUs.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is an integral part of a computer which controls instructions and data flow to and from the computer. However, for CPU to function effectively, it relies on chipsets which act as a bridge between CPU or microprocessor and external devices. The chipsets produced rely on the process technology with which transistors are made i.e. by “metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor” (MOSFET) or “fin field-effect transistor” (FinFET). The latest technology nodes such as 7nm, 10nm, and 14nm, among others are designed using FinFET technology. Companies such as Intel Corporation, MediaTek Inc., and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., among others are major manufacturers of CPU which use FinFET technology in building chips.

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