Edge Analytics Market Analysis and Forecast (2018–2025)

The global edge analytics market is anticipated to witness a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period 2018–2025. Several factors, such as increasing adoption of internet of things in industrial settings and rising demand for predictive maintenance solutions is facilitating he growth of edge computing. Furthermore, heavy government investments towards building smart cities across the world is also a success enabler for edge computing technology.

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The upcoming 5G technology will also give a boost to the edge computing market with a high speed network connectivity and data transfer rate. However, the factors, such as growing concerns over data security and integrity, connectivity or compatibility issues as well as lack of standardization and protocols are adversely affecting the growth of this market. Several growth opportunities for new entrants as well as established companies in this market include collaboration with academic research organizations, development of lightweight algorithms and libraries, digital transformation of healthcare by improving operational efficiencies and facilitating high standard of care.

The global Edge Analytics market is thronged with providers of diverse solutions such as cloud providers, telecom companies, and gateway manufacturers, among others. The contributors to the global Edge Analytics market are making strenuous efforts to sustain in the competition. Some of the strategies followed by the contributors are product launches, joint ventures, collaborations, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and business expansions, among others. In the past four years, the market witnessed approximately XX Joint Ventures, partnerships and collaborations, XX product launches, and XX significant M&As. Several startup companies are venturing into the market and sustaining the competition by providing innovative edge computing platforms and distributed micro data centers. The PaaS/SaaS models employed by the companies is a key success enabler in the field of edge computing.

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