Cloud-based Smart Robotics Market Research Report, 2018–2023

Dozens of state-of-the-art companies are influencing our future where robots will gradually become intrinsic part of everyday life. A wave of advanced robotic applications is hitting the market and the robots are now being used in applications such as catering to hotel guests, helping the shoppers at a store, home assistance robots that keep a track of everyday reminders and helping robots that help the elderly people to adopt a better lifestyle. The rise in demand of robots across domestic customers is primarily fueled by their declining cost, increased functionality and significant positive impact in the lives of people. In past five years (2014–2018), there has been a rise in adoption of household voice-controlled robots such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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These robots are smart connected robots and in a smart home these robots can perform mundane tasks such as turning on the smart lights, start or stop the robot vacuum cleaner, start the smart sprinkler system, or set the heater to a certain temperature and all of this just at the voice command. Apart from these, the demand of robots such as robotic vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, elderly assistant robots, and entertainment robots have also witnessed a rise in demand from domestic end-user.

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There has been a continuous rise in the number of entertainment and leisure robots along with household robots across the globe for the past five years (2014–2018). During the forecast period (2018–2023) this trend is anticipated to further solidify owing to the rise in demand of these robots to perform mundane tasks in households along with the declining costs of these robots. The emergence of Amazon’s Echo and Google Home that use cloud robotics and voice-controlled platforms such as Alexa and google assistant are making their ways into the households and the rise in their demand is resulting in the high growth in revenue generation across global cloud-based smart robotics market for household sector.

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