Automotive Thermoelectric Generator Market Share | Industry Analysis (2022–2028)

Thermoelectric energy harvesting is defined as the generation of electrical energy from waste heat using temperature difference between two environments, which can be both either natural or human-made, using thermoelectric energy devices. These devices have the potential to harvest electrical energy using thermal-to-electric energy conversion process from sources, such as run-off fluid stream from thermal and nuclear power plants, waste heat from geothermal and solar thermal and plants, exhaust streams from household appliances, and exhaust gas from automotive vehicles, among others.

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Automotive thermoelectric generator is defined as a solid-state device connected to the exhaust end of an internal combustion engine which transforms waste exhaust heat into electrical energy. The converted electrical energy is used for charging the battery, driving electrical units such as lightings, air conditioning units, and infotainment systems, among others. The automotive thermoelectric generator consists of components such as thermoelectric modules, heat exchangers, cooling plates, and others. Automotive thermoelectric generator finds its application majorly in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

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Regenerative braking system saves energy while using the braking function in a hybrid and electric vehicle. The method focuses on saving the kinetic energy generated while braking, rather than dissipate it in the form of heat. A regenerative braking system not only increases the efficiency of the vehicle, but also extends the life of the braking system by minimizing wear and tear.

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