Artificial Intelligence Technology Enables Farmers to Optimize Planning with the Use of Predictable Analytics

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Market

Artificial intelligence technology brings the concept of cognitive computing to agriculture where the farm equipment intelligence is modeled on human intelligence. The capabilities enabled by this technology allow the farm equipment and solutions to interpret, acquire, and react to unpredictable farm situations with enhanced efficiency. Artificial intelligence technologies help farmers in optimizing their planning to generate profitable crop yields using predictable analytics for agri-input choices and farm process planning.

For instance, AI technology has found use cases in crop disease detection, crop growth assessment, and crop yield prediction, preventing over-application of fertilizers and other agri-inputs. The forecast of results for these agricultural processes in the market are powered by AI sensors and imaging equipment. The presence of these AI-based software and hardware products and services in the agriculture market has led to an optimistic growth of the precision agriculture market.

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Growth of AI technology in the agriculture industry has led to an emergence of the AI start-up ecosystem in the global agriculture industry which has witnessed a rapid expansion. Emerging start-ups from across the world such as Descartes Labs, Blue River Technologies, Resson, Abundant Robotics, and Farmbot are some of the prominent companies in the market. These companies have deployed their AI solutions, majorly for several use cases such as satellite and drone imagery analysis, in-field monitoring, crop/soil health assessment, predictive analytics, and agricultural robots.

Although the artificial intelligence technology has led to excitement in the whole industry, for agricultural AI players to quickly adopt the same and survive in the market, understanding the driving and restraint factors of the market is crucial.

The upcoming trend of artificial intelligence technology is not only prevalent in developed countries, developing countries have realized its importance as well. The upcoming trend of the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture has gained prevalence amongst the government of developed and developing countries. Government of these countries have also realized the need and advantages of this technology, and thus their initiatives to promote.

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