5G Vision 2025: Overcoming Five Major Challenges

In the recent past, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding ‘5G’ wireless technology, ranging from its characteristic features to the prominent use cases, and challenges it poses to the various stakeholders across the 5G ecosystem. The increasing number of internet users and integration of IoT with connected devices across various industries, has led to a surge in the demand for an efficient and fast network architecture to suffice the needs of increasing customer base demanding high-speed efficient network.

Though the commercial launch of 5G network is expected to rollout by 2020, there is a pool of challenges to be faced by various stakeholders in the 5G ecosystem. The following are the five key challenges that 5G ecosystem stakeholders need to overcome to achieve the 5G Vision 2025:

Network Operators:

Bandwidth: The network operators have the prime concern of spectrum allocation in the mmWave band to specifically cater to high-end use cases of 5G. Moreover, requirement of higher bandwidth, increasing data traffic across industries, coupled with congestion in networks, are some of the additional concerns faced by the telecom operators.

Network Partners:

The network partners are primarily facing the issue of network densification (small cell deployment) due to lengthy permit processes and aesthetic concerns, and maturity of current technologies such as massive MIMO.

Device Manufacturers:

The prime concern surrounding the 5G device OEMs revolves around the end-user device compatibility with the upcoming technologies, and interoperability. The rise in device manufacturing costs due to advanced microprocessors and architecture has been a major fallback for the manufacturers.


The primary concern faced by the regulators revolves around aligning the current standards and regulations with the upcoming technologies.

Enterprise Service Providers:

The primary challenge for this category mainly lies in the security and privacy of the user with increasing cybersecurity threats prevailing in the data-driven technology landscape.

The major field trial activities by the telecom operators, have been in progress in various parts of the world. For example, countries such as China, the U.S., South Korea, Japan, India, the U.A.E., Qatar, and some developed European countries have been ahead in the trial stages of the 5G rollout.

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