5 Ways Skin Microbiome is Transforming the Cosmetics and Healthcare Industry

In the recent past, the cosmetic industry has been buzzing with an emerging trend that is skin microbiome. Understanding the human microbiome has become pivotal for stakeholders across the healthcare and cosmetics continuum, owing to the increasing advancements in the sequencing technologies.

Pioneering cosmetic companies have realized the potential of skin microbiome and are actively attempting to stake claim on the market to bolster their brand image and product portfolios.

The following are the five ways through which the skin microbiome is fostering a revolution in the cosmetics and healthcare industries:

1. All-Natural Solutions: Taking into consideration the consistently growing demand for all-natural solutions, skin microbiome products aim to mitigate the risk of utilizing harmful chemicals to counter common skin diseases.

2. Bolstering Host Immunity: Implementing skin microbiome products is based upon the core belief of strengthening the host immunity by enforcing an optimum balance of microbial flora on and within the human body.

3. Cumulatively Impacting the Transition from Volume-based Care to Value-based Care: Skin microbiome products are a manifestation of global initiatives to transition from a volume-based healthcare model to a value-based healthcare model, wherein the impact of healthcare delivered is incentivized.

4. Providing Better Treatment Solutions: Skin microbiome products hold immense potential to treat common skin conditions. While diseases targeted currently include commonly occurring skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and rosacea, there will be a gradual transition toward lesser-known diseases in the future.

5. Expanding the Reach of Precision Medicine: Targeting the microbiome for treatment planning has originated from sequencing initiatives that are largely responsible for the inception of precision medicine. With several discovery initiatives in place, the future looks toward personalizing microbiome therapeutics as well as expanding the reach of the global precision medicine phenomenon.

Driven by the ongoing advancements and constant investment in the cosmetic industry, tapping into the skin microbiome is expected to create a widespread impact in the near future. By unravelling the potential of skin microbiome therapeutics, the possibilities of reshaping the healthcare and cosmetics sectors are infinite.

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