4 Ways Big Data is Influencing the Agriculture Industry

Agriculture industry is no exception to the emerging trend of big data. With the massive growth of precision agriculture solutions, the usage and collection of farm data has become pivotal for stakeholders across the supply chain including farmers, companies, policymakers, and research institutes. Various agricultural giants have realised the potential return on investment big data could offer and are investing heavily in this sector.

Here are four ways through which big data and analytics is swaying the farming industry:

1. Precise Farm Projections: Inputs from data analytics using weather and crop data enable the farmers to accurately predict crop yields and the optimal harvesting time to minimizes stress.

2. Automated Farming Processes: Farmers are using drones with advanced sensors to survey their crops, update their data, and notify them of areas that need improvement.

3. Coping with Climate Change: Big data and analytics allow farmers to optimize their production cycles, as per the historical database for soil and weather patterns

4. Environmental Awareness: Big data can help agribusinesses to protect the environment by reducing the ecological stress without increasing costs.

Driven by the ongoing advancements and constant investment in the agri-tech sector, big data is expected to create a widespread impact in the agriculture industry in the near future. By automating the farming operations and generating accurate predictions, the possibilities of big data analytics reshaping the farming sector are infinite.

To know more about how big data is revolutionizing the farming sector, please visit our webinar on ‘Big Data: The Goldmine of Precision Agriculture’, on Thursday 8th August 2019 at 10.30 AM PDT, with guest speaker Mr. Maximilian Birle, Head of Product Management, CNH Industrial N.V. and Stefan Fürnsinn, Senior Vice President Digital Farming, at Yara International.

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