3D Food Printing Market Share and Analysis & Forecast (2018–2023)

The 3D food printing industry is majorly dominated by food-tech start-up companies and research organizations. Food start-ups across the globe have played a pivotal role in accomplishing the transformation for a sustainable food industry. The 3D food printing market encompasses a wide network of research and development firms, 3D food printer manufacturers, software providers, and distributor and reseller, among others. The key players operating in the market are Katjes Magic Candy Factory, 3D Systems Inc., Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) Print2Taste, The Hershey Company, byFlow, Natural Machines, Systems and Materials Research Corporation, Beehex, Choc Edge, World’s Advanced Savings Project (WASP), NuFood, and North branch Everbright, among others. Maximum companies in the 3D food printing sector are innovators that are trying to enter the market and expand their brand value with their products.

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Katjes Magic Candy Factory is the leading player in the 3D food printing industry. It is the world’s first manufacturer of 3D gummy candy printer catering to wide range of customers across the globe. Since the launch of the product, the Magic Candy Factory, the company has been received numerous awards and recognition for its innovations in the 3D food printing industry. The company enables the use of the 3D printer for live audience, to increase customer participation and brand value. The company has an increasing customer base in many countries around the world. The company also allows customers to purchase these candies online throughout Europe, the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Over the last two years, the company has partnered with various candy shops and departmental stores to provide their 3D printing service.

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Based in the U.S., 3D Systems Inc. is the second largest player in the 3D food printing market. In 2013, the company entered in this market by acquiring a 3D printing confectionary start-up, The Sugar Lab, and re-branded their 3D food printing process for restaurateur, professional chefs and residential users.

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